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Awards and Prizes

Applies to SATO48 2022

This list is updated annually

**Awards Criteria**

Best Film
Best Interpretation of the "Inspiration Package"
The inventive & interpretative use and integration of the Inspiration Package elements.

Audience Favorite
Is selected by the audience and filmmakers attending the festival and online, rather than by the Selection Committee or International jury.

Effective use of light & shadow and the contribution to telling the story.

Effectiveness of actors, camera placements & movements and composition on the screen.

Effectiveness of scene transitions, tempo, mood changes and continuity of telling the story.

Performance - Lead & Supporting
Emotional effectiveness and believability in portraying the character.

Convey clear communication that has readability typography legible from afar. Includes the logo of the event.  Composition, contrast balance, that combine visuals with information.  Engaging and easy to follow yet creates connection as well as an enduring emotion.

Production Design/ Art Direction
The overall "look" of the picture, effective use of color, texture, types of props, set pieces and locations.

The structure, plot, character development, dialogue and ending effectiveness of the film.

Song or Music
Effectiveness of the soundtrack and/or music and must be original by an identifiable creator/s

Effectiveness of everything heard (which is NOT music), quality of the sound of dialogue, background sounds and special audio effects (if applicable)


Off the Wall Prize
sponsored by the Hines Family

The criteria for this prize are as follows:
A unique and interesting aspect that have not seen before in a SATO48 film. 
"Wow! I've never seen that before", moment that may be overlooked in the standard categories.
Be creative, make it "Off the Wall"!
These could be script, cinematography, acting, editing, special effects, set design, music, and/or sound design.  

Credits Design Prize
Sponsor TBD

The opening and/or closing credits will be evaluated using two factors:
The overall design of sequence(s)
How well the design supports the Film content

Family Film Project Prize
sponsored by James Bacon

To be eligible, the team must meet ONE of these criteria:
Directed by an adult immediate family member (either parent, grandparent, legal guardian and/or a stepparent, etc) with one or more of their Children/grandchildren (age 18 or younger, stepchildren and/or legally adopted children) acting as main character(s) in the film. (OR)
Directed by the Child with at least one adult immediate family member defined above acting as a main character in the film. (OR)
Both a Child and one adult immediate family member defined above acting in main roles of the same film.

Pop Culture References Prize
sponsored by Fanatics and the Fan
Pop culture references or EASTER EGGS are synonymous with good movies and as common as someone falling down in a scary movie; Fanatics and the Fan loves easter eggs.
So this year we want to reward the best use of pop culture references in your films.
Even if it's creative use of the Force, a perfectly timed “PIVOT”, or even a wonderful use of 'Shazam!'.
We do ask that when you submit your film, you list where the pop culture references are so we can find them.
Send the location of your EASTER EGGS to this email ONLY:

Then, Fanatics And The Fan will contact SATO48 for those films to review.
The prizes for this are:
Free tickets to an upcoming pop culture convention called Geekmas
A feature guest spot on Fanatics and the Fan
A chance to host your own panel at Geekmas 2022
A $100 cash prize and a few more nerdy awesome prizes

Atlas Hero Prize
sponsored by Austin McConnell

Support Atlas at:
The world needs heroes - and the Atlas Hero Prize celebrates films that exemplify courage and nobility of character.
To be eligible for this prize, a SATO48 entry must
Feature a stand out hero role - no cape needed!
Any character that rises to the test, helps those in need, and acts for right and justice will be considered.

Comedy Prize
Sponsored by Spring Vegas Sketch Show


Youth Excellence in Film Prize
Sponsored by The Judith Enyeart Reynolds School of the Performing Arts
for the Springfield Little Theatre

Recognizing performers under the age of 18

Updated on: 21/04/2022

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