This year there are three (3) IP Elements to fulfill, plus Prohibitions:


Something that, or someone who, had left your main character's life is now back !
- Prohibited Who: Romantic partner
- Prohibited What: Anything related to pandemics

Within the first minute:

Reveal "who or what" is back. Such reveal must initiate via SMELL
- Required: timecode
- Prohibited smells: flatulence, excrement, halitosis, armpit- or groin-generated

During the middle portion of your Film:

Explore the impact / consequences "who or what" being back has on your main character
One of these impact / consequences must involve the sense of TOUCH
- Required: timecode

Within the final minute of your Film:

If your team number is EVEN, the "who or what" is banished
If your team number is ODD, the "who or what" remains
- Required: timecode for "banished" or "remains"


Whether or not the "who or what" is banished or remains can be either good or bad for your main character.


In the SYNOPSIS textbox within Festival Manager, you MUST indicate by TIMECODE (min:sec) where you have fulfilled each of the THREE Inspiration Package requirements.

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