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How can I participate in SATO48?

New to SATO48? Looking to join a team? Want to grow your team? You're in the right place!

SATO48 Presents ["The Matchup"](, making it even easier to get involved with SATO48! Simply share some information about yourself and immediately see any connections with other Matchup participants looking to join or grow their team! You'll see which expertise is available/desired, as well as genres that interest each party.

It's up to you to reach out to your Matches to form your teams. Contact information for each party is available on "The Matchup" page. We recommend you begin coordinating your team EARLY, so make sure come back to The Matchup often to see new participants and get started!

By participating in The Matchup, you acknowledge that the contact information you provide will be made available to other participants of The Matchup.
Those looking to RECRUIT additional team members will be removed from The Matchup only once they manually remove themselves on The Matchup page.
Those looking to JOIN a team will be removed from The Matchup upon successful registration to a team. Team Owners, see How do I add people to my team?.

Updated on: 05/01/2024

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