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Where can I shoot my film?

Anywhere permission is granted; however, surroundings must be respected. Neighbors and local law enforcement authorities should be notified if any proposed staging (e.g., gun play, representations of violence, loud noises, late night, etc.) are being considered for the shoot. If shooting on premises controlled by a member of the filmmaking team, permission must be granted via Location Release forms which are available as part of Festival Manager.

Public spaces are available to use, but check with local and city authorities for details.

When filming in public areas, please post this “PUBLIC NOTICE” sign in visible locations where bystanders could be entering or exiting:



(Team Name), is here today filming for SATO48. By entering and remaining on these premises you:
Give your irrevocable consent to be filmed/recorded; and
Grant all rights to enable us to exploit worldwide, in perpetuity, all recordings of you and your likeness made here today.

If you do not wish to be appear in the film, please notify the producer immediately on entry.
Contact; (producer’s email, not phone number)

Updated on: 05/01/2024

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